Materials Science – basic concepts

Each year I teach the basics of materials science and to try and get over the monotony of revising for exams and to help explain key concepts using a different medium, I used go animate to create short cartoons which hopefully explain complex concepts in a simple way.

If you are studying materials engineering then these may help however please be warned the humour used is a cross between the Simpsons and South Park so if you are easily offended please don’t watch them:

Video 1 – An introduction to fracture mechanics

Video 2 – Ductile and brittle fracture

Video 3 – The importance of cracks in fracture mechanics

Video 4 – Fatigue failure

Video 5 – Creep in metals

Video 6 – Introduction to polymers

Video 7 – Glass transition of polymers

Video 8 – Optical properties of polymers

Video 9 – Viscoelasticity in polymers

Video 10 – Composites

Video 11 – Biomaterials


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